The new coop is done!!

New coopIt took about nine months…long enough to birth a child, but I got instead a wonderful new chicken coop.  Small barn, really.

Before the chickens moved in, some friends came to see it and thought it would make a great guest house.  Fat chance!  I have needed the extra space for some time.

My husband and son did  a great job!  They used a lot of material that we had stored in our garage.  The windows were a find…special-order windows from Lowes that were returned.  About 90 percent off the original price!

new coop front steps

I’ll put it to the test this winter…I hatched out about 75 chicks in August…insane, I know.  So we’ll see if the house can handle my 30 adult birds plus a large number of adolescent Buttercups.  But, in the hot days of early August, I won’t worry about that.

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