Age isn’t everything

This old girl is 12 years old and has hatched out chicks for me for eight or nine of those years.  She’s a production Buff Orpington that we got from Murray McMurray years ago for my son to show in the county 4-H show.  She isn’t show quality, but she IS quality nonetheless.

How old can chickens live to be?  Well, she’s testing that question for me.  I have to say, when she got broody this year I was a little leery of letting her sit on some eggs.  Yes, its only 21 days, but a kind of tough 21 days when you don’t move most of it, don’t eat or drink much and its generally hot.

But I let her hatch out five Buttercup eggs and, as usual, she is a wonderful mother.  She’s slowed down a lot lately, and seems to fall asleep in the oddest places.  But hey, when you’re the poultry equivalent of 90 years old, you’re allowed to fall asleep where ever you want!

Orp cropped

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